Friday, November 23, 2007

Assisting the local community at large



The meeting held at Brandon Groves Club on the 18th October was very well attended and a fighting fund established which is being used to retain a team for legal advice on planning law.

The committee met with planning officers and Councillors Lawrence, Curtis and Maney at the Civic Offices when a number of questions were put to the officers with NO SATISFACTORY OUTCOME. Councillors Arnold and Johnson were unable to attend.

NOTE: Mr R.’ asbestos business is now fully operational from Bentons Farm.

Ask your Council why this asbestos company is now operating without planning consent?

Decontamination units and other business related vehicles are going to and from Bentons Farm continually.

Ask your Council why they are allowing this to happen without planning consent?

Enforcements and stops have been put in place to prevent Mr R. carrying out certain tasks involving his asbestos business but he ignores these.

Ask your Council what action they are taking?

Your Council has given Mr R. guidance and invited him to submit a planning application to operate his asbestos business from Bentons Farm.

Ask your Council what he is applying for and what guidance they are giving us – their constituents?

OCRAG can fight to stop Mr R. operating his asbestos business at Bentons Farm but we need your active support. Please raise the questions posed above with the following members of the Council.

Please contact:
Anne Esplen
Group Leader Dev Services
Thurrock Council
Civic Offices, Grays RM17 6SL
Tel: 01375 652268 (dd)

James Game
Business Improvement Mgr
Thurrock Council
Civic Offices, Grays RM17 6SL
Tel: 01375 652708(dd)(dd)

Thurrock Council has a duty of care to us but have been unwilling to fulfil their obligation to us


8 November 2007/bulletin

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