Monday, September 1, 2008



Britain's youngest Asbestos victim dies at 28: Did she contract it at school?

By Daily Mail ReporterLast updated at 2:42 PM on 31st August 2008
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The woman who has just become Britain's youngest victim of a rare form of cancer could have contracted the disease at school.
Leigh Carlisle, 28, lost her two-year battle against the killer disease mesothelioma on Wednesday.
It is believed she must have been exposed to asbestos - almost always the cause of the cancer - as a child.

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Anonymous said...

Are you people thick your posting things on here saying that this girl is the yougest person to die of mesothelioma and that she contracted it at school and then your slating T&S. Let me ask you something who do you think removes the asbestos in schools? T&S dont put it there, they REMOVE IT! Find something better to do with your time.