Saturday, December 15, 2007

'Putting residents first'??

Do you think that it is acceptable that Thurrock Council have allowed an Asbestos Removal Company to operate from Bentons Farm for 4 months without planning permission?

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Anonymous said...

Council Officers of Thurrock Council have a lot to answer for.
If this was us doing it the way T&S Multiservices had done, then we would answerable to it and be told to cease what we were doing. If we ignored the warning we would be taken to court by The Council using our own money against us.
It seem that Thurrock Council will side with this company no matter what and if taken to court, then once again OUR Council would use our money to fight against us.What a shambles this Local Government is.
Who is Palming who's Hands Here?

It is now time to get all Thurrock Councilors on board with this.
After all it is gonna be our votes that they will be after!!!!!!!!!